Objectives of the HHF Project

The project “Hand in Hand into the Future (HHF)” is designed to facilitate and accelerate the process of establishing contacts and building mutually beneficial relations between the Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG) and our International Alumni (IA). The actions planned within the project are meant to expand and complement the actions and initiatives undertaken by the MUG prior to commencement of the HHF project.

The goals of the HHF project:

  • integrating the IA with the academic community of the MUG
  • improving the teaching process and increasing students’ satisfaction with studies at the MUG and in Gdańsk based on feedback from the IA
  • increasing the range, attractiveness and efficiency of information, promotion and recruitment campaigns of the MUG abroad.

The objectives of the project will be achieved through the following actions:

  1. contacts with the IA in Poland and abroad, including: integration-promotion meetings abroad; photo contest for the IA and current students; “Hand in Hand into the Future” integration-training conference at the MUG, with participation of both the IA and students; inclusion of the IA in the teaching process and mentoring activities for MUG’s international students (including participation in the Orientation Week)
  2. preparation of internet tools designed to support IA relations (upgrade of the MUG’s website for the IA – Success stories, statistics concerning MUG’s IA); creation and implementation of the Alumni Satisfaction Questionnaire (ASQ) designed to support the improvement of the teaching process and student services at the MUG
  3. issuing electronic publications in English, authored by the IA and targeted at the current and future MUG’s students
  4. introduction of webinars delivered by the IA into the student scientific circles as pilot measure prior inclusion of webinars and videoconferences in undergraduate/master curriculum
  5. honouring achievements of MUG’s IA

The expected outcomes of the actions are:

  1. establishing and reinforcement of the MUG’s relations with the IA
  2. obtaining feedback information from the IA to be used in improving the teaching process and student services – report from IA satisfaction questionnaire on their studies at the MUG and life in Gdańsk
  3. fully functional website for IA relations
  4. inclusion of the IA in the teaching process through webinars/videoconferences
  5. greater involvement of the IA in the MUG’s information-promotion activities, i.a.: meetings with MUG candidates; electronic information-promotion publications for the current and future students authored by the IA
  6. identification of the IA’s preferences as to potential future postgraduate training courses organized by the MUG.

Benefits of the project:

  1. elaboration of a system of cooperation with the IA
  2. better integration of the international alumni, students and faculty staff of the MUG
  3. improvement of the teaching process and student services at the university and campus; increased students’ satisfaction
  4. support to the process of brand-building of the MUG abroad and recruitment of international candidates for studies at the MUG
  5. preparation of postgraduate education offer addressed to the MUG’s International Alumni.

The “Hand in Hand into the Future” (HHF) project is financed under the “International Alumni” Program operated by the Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej.