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Dear Colleagues, International Alumni of the Medical University of Gdańsk,

The Medical University of Gdańsk will receive state funding from the Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej (NAWA) for implementation of actions aimed at developing and reinforcing MUG’s relations with our International Alumni.

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I inform you that our application for funding of a project entitled “Hand in hand into the Future” under “International Alumni” program operated by NAWA has been accepted! This means MUG will receive financing in the amount of PLN 99,910 (ca. EUR 23,230) for implementation of the project, which will be carried out from May 1, 2019 till October 31, 2020, and managed by Jacek Kaczmarek Ph.D., International Alumni Relations Officer (IARO).

The project includes the following actions:

  • A – integration-promotion meetings with IA abroad
  • P – photo competition for IA and current students
  • C – integration-training conference „Hand in hand into the Future” at MUG with participation of both IA and MUG students
  • M – inclusion of IA in teaching activities and mentoring process for MUG’s international students (also through their participation in the Orientation Week)
  • N – preparation of network tools for management of IA relations (upgrading the IA website
  • Q – preparation and implementation of an alumni satisfaction questionnaire for use in evaluation and development of teaching process and student services at the MUG
  • G – publishing electronic information materials prepared by IA and targeted at current and future MUG students
  • W – introduction of IA webinars to the work of student scientific groups as a pilot action before introducing webinars and videoconferences into teaching process at undergraduate and master levels
  • H – honoring some achievements of MUG’s international alumni.

We hope for our alumni’s involvement in the planned project activities for our mutual satisfaction and reward.

Dr. Jacek Kaczmarek